Face 2 Face Worship

f2fFace 2 Face Worship is a non for profit ministry founded by Lester and Holly Rector. The ministry serves as a para-church ministry providing musical worship and discipleship elements like.

Lester and Holly
– Contemporary worship duo

Lester Rector
– Speaker and Discipleship teacher and coach

Levitical Rise
– 6 piece Christian A-Capella group founded in 2015. A generation whose inheritance is God. This movement focuses on the reestablishment of the Levitical directive handed down by God in Duet. 10:8 and Duet. 18:2-8. The Levitical people were set aside to minister to the Lord and carry the presence of the Lord to the people in which they are sent.

The ministry
of F2F, founded in 2009, is a premier discipleship ministry that focuses on developing and teaching believers how to walk successfully in relationship with God. The teaching and music message centers around 3 key conversations.

– According to Romans 8:15 God has established with in all of us a Spirit of Sonship (Daughtership), allowing us to know God as Father.

Hearing God
– The importance of being a physical example of the word of God, through personal conversation with God that is manifested in everyday living through obedience.

– Obedience is our highest form of worship to the Lord, as it conveys through faith filled action, our Love for God. This act of Obedience in life reveals the unseen God, causing the gospel to come alive in us and through us.