The Movie

Levitical Rise Movie - This Generation Will Not Fall

Levitical Rise – The Movie Synopsis
When a famously troubled celebrity drops of the face of the earth, a worldly reporter must lay it all on the line to find him…and herself.

Troubled actor/ comedian  Levi Wilder, had been running for decades from the man in the mirror, haunted by one simple truth. He’ll never be enough. After his mothers suicide, Levi and his older brother are left to fend for themselves while their father watches the world from inside a bottle of booze.  Like most comedians, Levi has always found it easier to make others laugh, burn something down or blow something up than share the pain behind the punchline.  Yet for the last three years, no one has known  where Levi Wilder is  hidings, or why.

Maggie Robbins is a married to her work.  Asked to compromise at every corner, Maggie has always just gone with the flow.  But when the interview she has been working on gets aired by another network, this savvy, quick witted 27 year old puts everything on the line. In a moment of sheer desperation, she promises to finally deliver an interview with the illusive Levi Wilder.  With the help of her hilariously, quirky assistant Lynn, Maggie must find the truth and land an interview with a man who has all but dropped off the face of the earth.

Digging deeper, Maggie realizes that Levi’s childhood was almost unbearable.  Maggie sees a lot of herself in Levi and the deeper she goes the clearer the reflection.  At least Levi knows who he is while Maggie is still searching for her birth father. But the clock is ticking and though she has finally found Levi  it becomes clear that she’s the one who is lost.

It’s not until Maggie loses it all that her eyes are finally opened to the reality of her true identity as child of God.


What Others Are Saying
“Dr. Ron Phillips and the 5900 members of Abbas House are excited about the release of the movie ‘Levitical Rise’. In a world starving for authenticity, this movie delivers; exposing the struggle we all have in discovering our true identity as sons and daughters of the living God. The message of this movie is as old as Eden but fresh and contemporary in its approach. The rising generation needs the message of this movie along with those of us who are older. We look forward to its release and will promote it with joy and expectancy. There has never been a Christian movie like this.”
–Dr. Ron Phillips – Abbas House

“As President of Lee University, I am very excited about the upcoming release of the film Levitical Rise. It’s profoundly creative and proclaims a much needed message of Spiritual Identity. As we promote the film, we pray Gods guidance and hand be upon all those who are working with Lester and Holly.”
–Paul Conn – President Lee University

“I am excited about the movie release of Levitical Rise. This message of identity is crucial for the Body of Christ, and the creative nature in which it’s told, is second to none. I look forward to promoting the movie at my Church, Faith Assembly Orlando, FL.”
–Pastor Carl Stephens – Faith Assembly

“I am excited about the upcoming release of Levitical Rise. It’s message of Spiritual Identity is clear, story line innovative and much need for the whole body of Christ. I look forward to promoting this movie at City Life Tampa, and buying out a theater once it is released.”
–Pastor Tony Stewart – City Life Church, Tampa

“I want to personally thank you for establishing Levitical Rise, and it’s attending ministries. What you are doing is making a direct impact on what I believe is the most critical area of need in the body of Christ, which is ‘our identity in Christ.’I believe the film project you are working on will open the eyes of many believers with this powerful truth.”
–Tod Zieger – Writer/Author